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eng01Whether or not a product can withstand “transparency” is a key factor for longevity of the brand.

At this age when the concept of consumer rights has been widely publicized, consumers are becoming smarter, more conscious of brand, more discerning of quality, and more aware of their choices. They’ve become untiring supervisors preventing producers from ever compromising on quality.

“Red Eagle” cooking oil, a brand with 40 years of history, soar in the market, because of its production principle of having no fear for oversight and transparency”.

Yee Lee Group house brand:Spritzer and Sabah Tea.
Yee Lee Group house brand:Spritzer and Sabah Tea.

“Red Eagle” is a brand under Yee Lee Corporation Bhd.

In the beginning, in order to introduce “Red Eagle” into the market, the board implemented many market-leading reformations and innovations. One of which was to change the traditional “non-transparent” Tin packaging into a “transparent” plastic packaging, which introduce to the consumers the concept of quality, because only under strict quality management, can cooking oil be presented in a “transparent” plastic container. In the end, cooking oil of lesser quality was eliminated, and Red Eagle has since become a reputable brand.

After one year, all cooking oil producer in Malaysia also adopted a transparent plastic packaging after the fashion of Yee Lee, which completely revolutionized the traditional Tin packaging. Yee Lee was the leader in this innovation.

The board also adopted a flexible and agile strategy when faced with strong competition. Building their market first in the villages according to the strategy of “encircling the cities from the countryside” and then slowly expand their market share, they avoided the danger of going head to head against strong opponent at their beginning.

After Red Eagle Oil gained a foothold in the competitive cooking oil market, the corporation began to invest in other businesses, including establishing the first domestic bottled mineral water factory to produce the “Spritzer” series, and the subsequent Morning Kiss toothbrush and Sabah Tea.

The name of the corporation “Yee Lee” is full of meaning. “Yee”, in Chinese, means integrity, when in business, it also means trust, reasons and fairness.”Lee” means profit, which is the goal of all businesses. Why was the “Yee” put in front of “Lee”? It was due to the Chinese Philosophy of “a noble man loves wealth, but he gains it under the guidance of principles”. Associating with other partners in a fair, reasonable and trustworthy manner, and sell to customers with solid goods and honest price, is the uncompromising principle of Yee Lee Corporation.

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