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WEIL Hotel, The New Landmark of Ipoh

December 2014, Thong Fook Group Of Perak marked the beginning of a new chapter in the company’s history. Weil Resources Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Thong Fook Group, unveiled its first flagship hotel in downtown Ipoh, WEIL Hotel.

Strategically located in central Ipoh, the 13-storey WEIL Hotel has an eye-catching red color outlook and 313 luxurious guest rooms and suites together with a presidential suite. Adjoining Ipoh Parade, the hotel is within a stone’s throw from many of Ipoh’s most famous tourist attractions, and can be easily reached through a comprehensive road network.

WEIL Hotel boasts a ballroom with a capacity of 800 people, a conference hall seating 400, a conference room seating 150, open-air infinite pool, a well equipped gymnasium and four F&B outlets featuring different local and international cuisines.

This newly established, modern and stylish hotel provides quality accommodation and services to business and leisure visitors, and has won the hearts of many guests with its swanky and sophisticated facilities.

WEIL Hotel Executive Director Liew Yu-Wei is the helmsman of the hotel business. His grandfather Liew Kee Yin was the founder of Pagoda Groundnut while his father is Dato’ Liew Sew Yee.

Talking about the hotel’s future development plan, Liew Yu-Wei says the hotel will adopt all kinds of strategies to enhance its delivery quality in a bid to boost the hotel’s branding and popularity. He says the hotel may consider expanding its business to other areas when the timing is right.’

WEIL Hotel is an eye-catching landmark in the city center of Ipoh.
WEIL Hotel is an eye-catching landmark in the city center of Ipoh.

Pagoda Groundnut

Pagoda Groundnut has been in continuous operation for seven decades now.
Pagoda Groundnut has been in continuous operation for seven decades now.

Another notable brand of the Liew family business is Pagoda Groundnut which was established 70 years ago in 1945. It has since become one of the most celebrated groundnut brands of Menglembu, Perak.

The origin of Pagoda symbol could be traced back to the native homeland of Thong Thye Groundnut Factory’s founder Liew Kee Yin in Hopoh Town, Jiexi County in China’s Guangdong Province, where the landmark pagoda was adopted as the trademark of the groundnut brand to signify the spirit of persistence among the Hakka Chinese.

Following the effort of the second generation helmsman Liew Sew Yee, Pagoda has emerged as an important brand in the international market.

The groundnut business is now managed by third generation Liew Yu-Gene, CEO under whom the company aspires to further lift the brand value of Pagoda to become a truly reliable brand that is sought after by consumers worldwide.

Other than groundnut, the company has also successfully developed other snacks such as baked cashew nut, pistachio nut and almond, among others, further strengthening the company’s product portfolio.

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