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There are many retail complexes in Ipoh and other major towns in Perak state.
There are many retail complexes in Ipoh and other major towns in Perak state.

Perak has plenty of tourists spots, and is full of visitors during holidays, which stimulate sales of local special products. Modern shopping centers and malls can be found everywhere to drive the local economies.

There are many retail shops and supermarkets in Ipoh and other major towns in the state, including Plaza Kinta, Kinta City Shopping Center, Green Town Shopping Center, etc. Kinta City Shopping Center owned by Japanese retail group Aeon is a famous commercial mall in the city. Aeon Group has opened a second branch in southern Ipoh near Station 18, named Aeon Ipon Station 18.

British retail conglomerate Tesco has opened Tesco hypermarket and Tesco Extra supermarket near Kinta City, as well as another branch near Station 18. Major shopping plazas can stimulate local economic activities. Development in areas such as Ipoh Garden, Bercham and Tambun has been boosted by the presence of Makro, Tesco, Jusco and Giant Supermarket. Today the same strategy is applied to Station 18, transforming this quiet residential estate into a prime commercial district.


Town/Area Specialty
Ipoh Fragant Biscuit, Salted Baked Chicken, White Coffee, Menglembu Peanuts, Sachima
Bidor Chicken Biscuits, roasted bun, Guava, Duck leg noodle
Sitiawan Kampung Koh Chili Sauce, Plain Biscuits, Fuzhou handmade Misua, Red Wine, Pillow Bun, Red Lees, Red Bean Paste Biscuit
Tambun Pomelo
Kampar Curry Chicken Bun, Kaya Puff, Chicken Biscuits
Teluk Intan Fragant Biscuits, Chee Cheong Fun, Red Bean Paste Biscuit
Tanjong Malim Lychee, Handmade Bun
Kuala Kangsar Cempedak
Pangkor Island Satay Fish, Tongkat Ali, Curry Powder
Pusing Rice Cake
Tualang Big head prawn, Ah Hock Dumplings


Tongkat Ali, Malaysia ginseng
Tongkat Ali, Malaysia ginseng

No lack of local specialty product

Perak is known for its traditional handicraft, produced mainly in individual households. Most handicrafts like pottery, bamboo products, seashell products and black ceramics are produced around Kuala Kangsar. Among the most famous handicraft centers are located at Karai, Berala Village, Padang Changkat and Kepala Bendang. Among the many handicrafts, a gold embroidered cloth called “Tekat” is the most unique.eng22804

Perak is known for its local specialty.
Perak is known for its local specialty.

Besides Tekat, Batik (Wax dyed cloth) is also a local products much sought after among the tourists. Batik cloth has vivid colors and low prices, and can be made into clothing, table cloth, curtains, handbags and hats. Batik can be bought at Pangkor Island, which is also known for its satay fish and satay dried fish.

White Coffee is one of the most renowned local products with more than 100 years of history. White coffee is produced using Malaysia’s own unique technique: low temperature roasting. It is called “White” coffee due to its light color. White coffee boasts a unique taste which is well appreciated by locals and visitors alike, and has an important place in the coffee industry.


Famous local snacks include Sitiawan Plain Biscuits, Bidor Chicken Biscuit, and Teluk Intan Fragrant Biscuit. Tambun Pomelo is also one of the few local fruits which are exported overseas. The well-known Tambun Pomelo is truly one of its kind, because it is cultivated with Tambun’s unique clean natural spring and iron-rich limestone soil.