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The coast of Perak and nearby islands are full of characters, a perfect match for the beauty of its myriad of inland lakes.


Pangkor Island

Widely recognized as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Pangkor is a center of both fishing and tourism. Tourists may engage in activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing and fishing. From May to July, one may be treated with the rare sight of sea turtle laying eggs at Teluk Ketapang. As a recent development, an emerging Pangkor Island Festival became the first Art and Culture Carnival in Malaysia which fused local community culture into the natural beauty of the island.


Pangkor Laut Resort

Situated on the exclusive privately owned Pangkor Laut Island, the resort is the only one on the island, and is surrounded by world-renowned beaches. Dubbed as one of the top ten honeymoon venues in the world, Pangkor Laut is known for its crystal clear sea water and coral reefs. Accommodation on the island includes world-class villas and private tropical rainforest style estates. Visitors may choose to dine in one of the nine restaurants on the island, one of which serves only up to eight pairs of couples each day. There are many activities to be enjoyed on the island, including water sports, jungle adventures, luxurious spa treatments, tennis and squash.



Pulau Sembilan

Situated in the southern waters of Perak, Pulau Sembilan is actually a group of nine islets, each unique in its own way. Perfect spots for snorkeling and diving can be found between the islets where the corals grow. Of the nine islets, the White Rock island is well known as the gathering place of deep sea fishes. At night, one may observe the rare “blue tears” spectacle at Pulau Sembilan.


Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Damai Laut

Situated at the southernmost tip of Lumut, the resort overlooks the fabulous Pangkor Island. The resort houses 300 deluxe rooms, each well appointed with a private balcony that allows the guests to enjoy the panoramic views of virgin forests and aquatic life.



Temenggor Lake

About 45 minutes’ drive from Gerik, Temenggor Lake is situated in the middle of the East-West Highway. With a surface area of 15,200 hectares, the lake is teeming with a wide variety of tropical fishes, a haven for anglers.

1.Pangkor Island arrest the hearts of tourists with its golden beaches and clear sea water.
1. Pangkor Island arrest the hearts of tourists with its golden beaches and clear sea water.

Taiping Lake

Originally formed from an abandoned tin mine, Taiping Lake has since become a celebrated tourist attraction combining natural and man-made beauty after active development by the local government. It is the oldest lakeside park in Malaysia. A total of ten ponds and lakes are scattered across the park, while eight beautiful scenes await charmed visitors at the Taiping bridge on the lake.