Ancient rain forest from times immemorial A different world of natural grace

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In Perak, there are many tourist attractions with ecological and historical education value. The state government has planned to implement eco-tourism development blueprint from 2012 to 2016 in order to establish an ecology preservation and research area of international standards.

With their population declining by the year in Perak, sea turtles are facing the threat of extinction. In order to protect these sea turtles, the Fisheries Department of Malaysia established the Segari Turtle Sanctuary. The main functions of the Sanctuary are sea turtle research, preservation and education. Its facilities include an exhibition hall, a turtle breeding room and incubator.

Belum-Temenggor forest preservation offers more than 3000 flora for appreciation.
Belum-Temenggor forest preservation offers more than 3000 flora for appreciation.

In order to preserve and reproduce the Tuntung river terrapin, the Perak Department of Wildlife and National Parks have also set up a river terrapin breeding center, which has already released thousands of hatchlings into the Perak River to date.

Kuala Sepetang is full of potentials for tourism development given its ecological attractions. Kuala Sepetang is currently mobilizing the local community to promote eco-educational tourism, including demonstrating the process of charcoal making at the local kilns, learning about ecology and seafood, understanding the mangrove preservation works, appreciating the fireflies and seafood tasting.

Kuala Gula is a haven for migratory birds. With wide areas of wetlands which naturally produce shellfish and other micro-organism, there is plenty of food for the migratory birds. Kuala Gula is an internationally famous location for the research of migratory birds and wetlands. It is currently one of the ten eco-tourism spots promoted by the state government.

Belum eco resort is also a famous eco-tourism destination in the state that boasts an untouched primitive ecology. In Belum-Temenggor forest preservation, tourists may observe tigers, elephants, tapirs, rhinoceroses, deers and hornbills, as well as over 3,000 different types of flora, including the largest flower in the world.

With its slogan of “Play, Learn, Discover,” Taiping Spritzer Eco Park is teeming with large tropical trees with detailed descriptions. Also located here is an 18-hole mini golf course, and a rock known as the “wishing stone.”
Caves of high historical values

The undulating mountain range of Perak is full of caves of various sizes, the most famous being Sam Poh Cave, Gua Tempurung,Perak Cave and Nam Thean Cave. Sam Poh Cave is the country’s largest limestone cave boasting a plethora of delicate Buddhist statues in between the stalactites. The nearby pond is also full of tortoises.

Gua Tempurung, one of the largest natural limestone caves in the country, boasts a history of 8,000 years. It is formed by five domed caves, each with its unique temperature, water depth and rock composition.

Perak Cave is a sacred Buddhist site with strong Chinese characteristics. It is a spectacle built next to a hill. Outside the cave are a stalagmite garden, lotus pond and pavilions. A stone path winds inside the cave, which contains more than 40 Buddhist statues and 200 over couplets.