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Ipoh Dim sum.
Ipoh Dim sum.

Perak has a lot of tasty foods, and Ipoh is especially known as a have for food aficionados. Many foreign gluttons have traveled all the way here just for the authentic local cuisine, such as bean sprout chicken, sar ho fun (rice noodle), salted baked chicken, and Hong Kong dim sum.


Ipoh bean sprout chicken

Ipoh is a city of good environment with high quality natural springs producing bean sprouts which are both juicy and crunchy. The bean sprout with its unique texture, together with a plate of smooth, firm boiled chicken slices and “Hor Fun”, forms the signature dish of Ipoh old town. The two most famous shops selling thi are Lou Wong and Ong Kee.
Bamboo rice

Bamboo rice is an indispensable traditional Malay food served during Hari Raya Puasa and Haji. It is made by sealing sticky rice, coconut milk and salt into a bamboo tube, and then roasting it on fire. Bamboo rice is often accompanied with Curry Rendang.


Salted Baked Chicken

Salted baked chicken is a local favorite that is well liked by visitors. Aun Kheng Lim salted chicken is the first salted chicken specialty shop in Malaysia. Organic “Kampung” chicken is seasoned with salt and angelica, wrapped with butter paper and then baked in crude salt for an hour to become the fabulous salted chicken. The tender meat combined with the savory salt and angelica seasoning is well liked by many people.

Salted Baked Chicken.
Salted Baked Chicken.

Nasi Kandar

Nasi Kandar is a favorite Indian Muslim dish. Every locale has different ways of preparing this food, but they are all tasty.


“Sai toh” fishball and seafood

Lenggong has always been known as the hometown of “sai toh” fish (wolf-herring). Sai toh fish ball, fish belly and other local seafoods are known far and wide. The fish is mainly caught and fished from Perak river. With a tender and tasty meat, it is a perfect ingredient for making fishball. Other fresh water fishes include Temoleh (Jullien’s golden carp), Sebarau (Hampala), Jelawat (Hoven’s carp), Kelah Merah (Red Mahseer), Tenggalan (Bulu Barb) and Baung (River Catfish).


Ipoh Dim sum

Besides retaining the traditional Har Gow (shrimp dumplings) and Siu Mai (pork dumplings), Ipoh Dim Sum also introduces local flavors using a wide variety of ingredients, resulting in products that are both tasty and chewy.


Bean Curd (Tau Fu Fah)

Speaking of traditional Tau Fu Fah and soymilk, Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah at Jalan Theatre in Ipoh’s Old Town is a must. Based on traditional recipe originating from Teochew, Guangdong province, Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah is cooked manually in a big cauldron with high quality soybean, creating a dense and delicate bean curd which melts in your mouth. There is also Dingfeng Teochew Tau Fu Fah at Concubine Lane. Unlike normal Tau Fu Fah, Teochew Tau Fu Fah is not served in sugar syrup, but layered with brown sugar and ginger syrup, a flavor that cannot be found elsewhere.


Assam Laksa

Kampar Laksa is a delicacy well liked by many people. The fine and translucent noodle is cooked in boiled water,  and served with a thick stock soup and fresh prawn paste. With a touch of fresh mint and green onion, it is indeed a mouth watering dish.
Glutinous Rice with barbecued pork

The sticky, soft, sweet and fragrant glutinous rice accompanied by chewy barbecued pork and crispy peanuts might look like a mismatch at first sight, but it is not oily when eaten, with a taste and texture that is just right.


Apong Balik

The Menglembu Apong Balik is well stuffed and not overly sweet. The paste is made by Pandan leaf juice  prepared by the most traditional method, and the stuffing is full of ground peanuts and butter. It is a truly unforgettable treat.


Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun

Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun is made with fresh rice paste. Fresh shrimps which are fried to perfection are spread on a thin layer of clear and smooth Chee Cheong Fun and rolled up to produce the famed stuffed Anson Chee Cheong Fun.


Claypot Chicken Rice

Claypot Chicken Rice is a famous Kampar delicacies, especially the version flavored with sausage and salted fish. Rice which is slightly charred is mixed with tendered chicken, sweet sausages and savory salted fish, producing a rich and complex taste not to be missed.


Duck Leg Noodle

Bidor Pun Chun restaurant has a long history, famous for its Duck Leg Noodle, and local products like Chicken Cookies, Sachima, honeyed Jambu etc. Pun Chun Duck Leg Noodle is served either dry or with soup. The stock soup is prepared with several Chinese herbs such as Chinese Yam, dried Longan and Snowberry, producing a rich and thick flavor. The duck meat that is braised for a long time a full of flavor, a delicacy well appreciated by many.


Fuzhou Red Wine noodle

Sitiawan Fuzhou red win noodle is not the same as other places. The noodle is handmade, and is crispy and chewy. Boiled for only a short time, the noodle is served with Red Lees Wine which are fermented for many days to become the famous Fuzhou Red Win noodle.