ACCCIM president and PCCCI chairman Dato’ Lim Kok Cheong, JP Branding determines corporate survival

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Branding is a potent weapon to determine a business’ success in the competitive corporate war front. Create a unique branding to reign supreme in the market.

“To be given the mandate is not a kind of honor, but responsibility.”

Lim: ACCCIM strives to continue strengthening the amicable relationship between Malaysia and China.
Lim: ACCCIM strives to continue strengthening the amicable relationship between Malaysia and China.

Having understood the obligation and expectations from the public, Dato’ Lim Kok Cheong has been staying true to his philosophy: never fail the expectations of people in whatever he does. And this philosophy has stayed with him for the past four decades in his dealing with his clan, professional and educational organizations he has involved himself in.

He says with humor, “When the time has come, and when we have reached our destination, it is time we should leave, or be forced to leave if we refuse to do so. We all have our own timetables, what we should do at which time. We must plan and arrange things properly.”

Lim joined the Perak Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (PCCCI) soon after establishing Yee Lee Corporation. From an ambitious young man four decades ago, today he has become a relaxed man in his seventies.

From an ordinary member to a committee member to a state level leader and a national level leader, Lim has always adhered to a steady and prudent approach in handling things.

He emphasizes that we need to have more capable people to join in to strengthen the organization.

He has led a number of other organizations such as the Federation of Malaysian Eng Choon Associations, Perak Basketball Federation, SMJK Poi Lam Ipoh board of directors, the PCCCI and the Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM). He has never involved himself in conflicts and clash of interests with other leaders, and the secret is: Always put the right persons at the right places, respect every talented man and allow him to have the opportunity to exert his potentials.



Lim has led ACCCIM and PCCCI from strength to strength.
Lim has led ACCCIM and PCCCI from strength to strength.

Heavy duties at ACCCIM

Lim says ACCCIM is not a social organization. It has plenty of work to do, including more than two hundred dialogues, meetings and discussions with the government alone. Other than the heavy workload, many other local Chinese associations would also seek the assistance of ACCCIM in various matters, including bird’s nest export issue, GST and music copyright, among others.

He says ACCCIM has been working very hard to put in place a platform for local SMEs and oversea entrepreneurs. The ACCCIM has over the past few years visited countries across the world to promote such business tie-ups, including Asean countries, China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Mozambique and Kenya.

ACCCIM also organized international trade fairs in Yangon in 2011 and 2014, and in Cambodia in 2013, to promote Malaysian SME innovations, services and products. These fairs have received tremendous responses from the local businesses. ACCCIM also played a guiding role in the 18th China International Fair for Investment & Trade(CIFIT).

“ACCCIM will continue to promote stronger business relationship and trade exchanges between Malaysia and China in a bid to promote greater cooperation in various fields between the two countries towards a win-win situation.

Talking about Perak, Lim points out that the state government should open up more international air links to Ipoh in order to bring in more foreign tourists and investors, especially tourists from Mainland China, which has expressed its target of having more than 500 million outbound tourists a year. However, there are only about one million Chinese tourists visiting Malaysia, and consequently there is still ample space for improvement.


Enormous business opportunities

Lim says the Perak state government has in recent years introduced several economic transformation programs and these have successfully attracted foreign investments to the state and created countless job opportunities for its residents in promoting more sustained economic development for the state.

He says Perak with its unparalleled geographical location is abound with untapped investment opportunities.

Taking about his own businesses, Lim says he has several brands in his portfolio, including Helang brand cooking oil, Spritzer mineral water, Sabah Tea and other remarkable brands. He says own branding is an indispensable element for the success of a company, be it large or small, because branding offers the most effective assurance to a company for sustained development.

“I always stress that a company must have its own brands in order to achieve sustained development. Many businesses are worried about their lesser known brands, but as a matter of fact, branding is a very potent weapon for a company to excel in the corporate battleground.

He emphasizes that creating own unique branding would help determine a company’s success or failure in the highly competitive market. As for how to create a recognizable and sustainable brand, he says, “That is going to be a 40-year-thick book!”