Dato’ Seri Ong Ka Chuan Five Visions in stimulating Tanjung Malim economy

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One hour drive from Kuala Lumpur,
Geographical location is where its potential lies,
More breakthroughs to aspire,
With more economic developments in the pipeline.

UTAR Kampar campus.
UTAR Kampar campus.

Tanjung Malim is the southernmost district in Perak that bounded by Selangor state. It’s aspiring to be one of the advanced industrial townships in the country.

The incumbent Member of Parliament for Tanjung Malim Dato’ Seri Ong Ka Chuan has in his mind five visions, once realised, will spur the economic development of Perak state to a greater height.


1) Proton manufacturing plant in Shah Alam to move over to Tanjung Malim Proton City

Currently there are only about 1,000 workers in the 1,280 acre Proton City in Tanjung Malim with annual output of 150,000 cars. The Proton manufacturing plant in Shah Alam sits on 300 acre of land with workforce of 6,000 and annual production of 230,000 cars. The national car producer has bigger plan for the next five years. Already in the pipeline are joint manufacturing projects with Volkswagen and Audi.

Ong has proposed that Proton to move all its production lines in Shah Alam to Tanjung Malim and the respond was positive. When the time comes, Tanjung Malim will be having an additional of 12,000 populations, the workers plus their spouse, a solid foundation for the development of the township.


2) Enhancing the railway transport system

He said the decentralization of economic developments should not be made mandatory; the most crucial measure is to beef up the transportation linkage. He therefore suggested that the upcoming KL–Singapore High Speed Rail be extended northward and to terminate the terminus in Malaysia–Thailand border.

There are two types of specification on the High Speed Rail, i.e. the 350 km/hour and the 250 km/hour. The former can be used on the KL-Singapore line while the latter is more suitable for the north-bound rail. The fare will be relatively cheaper since the construction cost is much cheaper. With that, it is economically viable to live in Tanjung Malim and work in Kuala Lumpur, commuting the two places daily.


3) New airport to be constructed in Parit

According to Ong, in 2012 the Ministry of Defence had mooted the idea of Malaysia Defence and Security Technology Park to be located in Sungkai. The idea was to get investors from China and India to set up hi-tech industries in the technology park. The products will be exported to other Asean countries besides catering for domestic consumption. The proposed technology park will create about 50,000 employment opportunities. Unfortunately the idea had since been shelved one of the reasons being there is no airport in supporting the logistic requirements.

The Sultan Azlan Shah Airport located in the town centre of Ipoh city is unable to expand as the area is densely populated. The new airport at Parit is just 20 km away from Sungkai, it will reignite the idea of open up the Malaysia Defence and Security Technology Park if the plan could be realised.

He said in fact the state government has also been looking for a new place to build another airport. But it is not an easy job to find an empty space with more than a thousand acre of land and therefore, he opined that Parit offers the best solution.

“The new airport will also serve as logistic hub for the local tropical fruits such as guava and bell-fruit to be exported, this will further propel the fruit growing industry in the area,” he stressed.


4) Open up new road linking Ulu Slim and Raub

Ong also said Ulu Slim in the upstream of Slim River is just 20 km away from Raub, Pahang. The aborigines all along have been using the mountain path to come and go. He suggested that the Federal government open up a trunk road linking the two places to promote tourism and other economic activities.


5) Set up UTAR Specialist Training Hospital

Recently he has talked to the Perak state government about the construction of the Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman Specialist Training Hospital near the university’s Kampar campus. It will be a private hospital and open to the public with medical fees equivalent to that of government hospital of which he has recommended the hospital to receive subsidies from the government.

Tanjung Malim aspiring to be one of the advanced industrial townships in the country.
Tanjung Malim aspiring to be one of the advanced industrial townships in the country.