Profoundly skillful, Highly competent Health tourism takes to the skies

State Executive Councilor YB. Dato' Dr. Mah Hang Soon
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Perak is known for its excellent educational and learning environment, where hoards of professionals, prominent industrialists, political leaders and corporate tycoons have been produced to the benefit of the country. As such, Perak is also known as the cradle of high-caliber leaders.

Dr. Mah : Perak is capable of providing the best medical service with its high professional level health care personnel.
Dr. Mah : Perak is capable of providing the best medical service with its high professional level health care personnel.

Dato’ Dr. Mah Hang Soon, the state executive councilor in charge of health, non-Islamic affairs, public transportation and Chinese new villages, is widely acclaimed to have nurtured numerous academically eminent individuals through his involvement in educational institutions such as the Kuala Kangsar Institute, MES and many other colleges in Perak.

Dr. Mah insists that the professional standards of health workers in Perak should be reasonably high, along with state-of-the-art equipment to provide the best ever medical and healthcare services for all. Because of this, the establishment of private hospitals have been gaining momentum in the state in recent years.

“Apart from superior medical services, the lower prices of medicine and less congested queues have been positive factors that have lured patients from neighbouring countries such as Singapore and Indonesia, some coming from as far as the United Kingdom.


Great for health recuperation

Dr. Mah who used to serve as a medical practitioner at the University Hospital of Malaya for 18 years, says the environmental conservation carried out in Perak is well balanced. Most of the forests in the state have been spared from the exploitation by loggers, and this makes the state well suited for the development of health-related industries, besides posing as an excellent choice for foreigners seeking a healthy lifestyle or setting up a second home in the state.

As air transportation has become increasingly convenient in Perak, foreigners can now fly in directly from Singapore and Indonesia to Sultan Azlan Shah Airport. Travellers arriving in Penang and Kuala Lumpur from the rest of the world can enjoy easy connection to Ipoh.

The 329km Electric Train Service connecting Ipoh and Padang Besar in Perlis is now completed, with a successful pilot run in January this year. Operational beginnng July 2015, the route will see a total of 10 trains running its length initially, with   additional trains to be put into operation over the next four months.

Mah says the transport authorities have plans to add nine more stations between Ipoh and Parit Buntar, while increasing the KTM Komuter service frequency for routes from Kamunting to  Butterworth and from Ipoh to Kampar. Such additions will make train travels from Ipoh to other states more convenient and comfortable.

Strategically located between Penang and Selangor, Perak is tapping into the industrial opportunities from both its northern and southern neighbors.

The North-South Expressway linking Ipoh with Penang and Port Klang, along with Perak’s own ports, makes the state a well connected transportation hub.

Mah says the economy of Perak has been growing steadily with GDP growth between 5.1% to 7.1% annually, fourth highest among the states in Malaysia. Perak used to boast a robust economy in the 1960s, with a thriving tin mining industry contributing 60% to the country’s GDP. The population of Perak, which was larger than that of Selangor in the 1980s, began to decline after the the fall of global tin markets.

The state government vows to revitalize its past glory by luring returning skilled workers.