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The chairman of Tanjung Malim Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Kong Siew Weng.
The chairman of Tanjung Malim Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Kong Siew Weng.

Located within the southern development corridor of Perak, Tanjung Malim can be considered an old town. Its first shop houses were built in 1901, and the first street, Jalan Besar, was built in 1920. Recently the Perak Menteri Besar announced the elevation of the status of Tanjung Malim to a full-fledged district, covering the old Tanjung Malim town, Slim River, and parts of the districts of Batang Padang and Hilir Perak, with a total population of 420,000.

Tanjung Malim is about 70km north of Kuala Lumpur and 100km south of Ipoh, along the North-South Highway. There is also a KTM railway station here. A 4,000-acre Proton City, the largest automobile factory in the country, is located here, helping to drive the economic development of the surrounding area. Tanjung Malim is therefore also known as the Car City. As for educational facilities, Tanjung Malim boasts Sultan Idris Education Univesity and Sultan Azlan Shah Polytechnic.

Tanjung Malim is the district closest to Kuala Lumpur. The chairman of Tanjung Malim Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Kong Siew Weng said, “The environment is well protected here, and the water quality is excellent. It is not only suitable for human living, but also fish farming. There’s a Taiwanese company rearing the prized  sturgeon  here.”

Sultan Idris Education University,Tanjung Malim.
Sultan Idris Education University,Tanjung Malim.

This seemingly peaceful and serene town has no lack of prestigious visitors in search for local delicacies, even from places far afield such as Singapore and Hong Kong. One of the targets is a 20-year “Zheng Yang” restaurant offering several signature dishes, such as the seafood platter, crocodile tail, shark’s lips, live prawns with chili bun and Sea Cucumber desert. These visitors are willing to splurge in order to have a taste of these unique delicacies.

Renowned Hong Kong food writer Hugo Leung Man-to has visited the restaurant with a group of his fans, and has very positive comments for the food here.

While some of these expensive delicacies might not be affordable to the general public, Tanjung Malim also offers famous dishes such as curry bun, Hokkien Mee and Yong Tau Foo. One of the local coffee shops, Xin Long Quan, sells highly acclaimed coffee, toasts and rice wine noodles.

Once the transportation facilities are well established, the Perak southern development corridor can be launched into fast track. Kong Siew Wengbelieves that in time, Tanjung Malim will evolve from an “ugly duckling” into a beautiful swan.