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The town of Ipoh was founded in 1880 in the tin-rich Kinta Valley.

Thanks to the discovery of rich tin deposits in the vicinity of Ipoh, miners began to flock into the town, resulting in the phenomenal growth of Ipoh. The number of Chinese immigrants increased rapidly while the steady development in commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors laid a solid foundation for the town’s steady economic development.

Due to the changes in business environment and actual needs, local Chinese business leaders proposed to set up the Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce. PCCC was established in 1907 with Foo Chee Choon as its founding president.

Since its inception in 1907, Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCCI) had widened its scope in recruitment of members with the diversification of businesses run by local Chinese not only in agricultural and mining sectors but also in industrial, manufacturing and service sectors which had not only strengthened the organization but also expanding the representative of the organization. PCCCI has entered its 58thsession, led by its president Dato’ Liew Sew Yee it is moving forward steadily.

PCCCI membership is divided into three categories: corporate membership, individual membership and association membership. There are currently 1,500 members. Among its association members are Machinery And Equipment Manufacturers Association of Perak, Perak Footwear Industry Association, Perak Bird’s Nest Merchants Association, Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association Perak and Perak Furniture Manufacturers Association.

As for branch associations, we have Batu Gajah, Bidor, Manjung and Sungai Siput branch associations.

PCCCI set up a RM1 million PCCCI Tertiary Education Fund in 2007 to provide financial assistance to needy students in order to further their studies at institutions of higher learning. PCCCI believes that given proper planning, the association will help groom talented individuals for the state’s economic development.

PCCCI has also set up a Youth Committee to expand its organization while training future leaders for the association.

With over one hundred years of history, PCCCI has evolved from its humble beginning to a highly influential association as it continues to improve itself and proposer.

The 57th PCCCI central committee line-up 2012-2015.
The 57th PCCCI central committee line-up 2012-2015.