Mammoth development to propel Manjung forward

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One after another massive development project has been launched, making Manjung the fastest developing district in the whole of Perak. More chain stores are opened for business as the district sees unprecedented opportunities.

The Lumut wharf that allows the world’s largest cargo ships to dock.
The Lumut wharf that allows the world’s largest cargo ships to dock.

Manjung is located in northwestern Perak, bordering Larut-Matang-Selama and Kuala Kangsar districts to its north, Perak Tengah to the east, Hilir Perak to the south and the Straits of Malacca to the west.

Formerly called Dinding, Manjung is the site of the country’s largest naval base whose relocation to Lumut in 1980 has since propelled the rapid development of the district. Today, the population of the district has exceeded 400,000.

In line with the district’s phenomenal growth, the federal and state governments have been actively upgrading the transportation network in the district to facilitate movements of its people.

The West Coast Expressway project from Banting in Selangor through Manjung district to the north, will have exits at Lekir, Simpang Lima, Sungai Bangi and Beruas to connect several federal and state roads.

The upgrading of transportation network, coupled with its inclusion in the Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER) will significantly expedite the commercial and tourism industry development of Manjung district.

The NCER execution unit has already started luring domestic and foreign investors to Manjung, and more and more investors are anticipated to invest in Kampung Acheh Maritime Industrial Estate in Sitiawan, Seri Manjung Light Industrial Park and other areas to set up their manufacturing facilities in the district.

RM9 billion military port

Aquacultural industry along the coast of Manjung.
Aquacultural industry along the coast of Manjung.

Manjung district is also the country’s largest power generating district. The country’s largest independent natural gas power producer is the Malakoff natural gas power generating plant in Segari. Meanwhile, the TNB coal-fired power generating plant on a man-made island off the cost of Seri Manjung, after the 1,000MW Manjung 4 went into operation in April 2015, electricity generating capacity will be further increased to 3,100MW. The Manjung 5 project is currently in the planning stage.

The defense ministry is spending RM9 billion to develop the second generation patrol boat project at Boustead Naval Shipyard in Lumut naval port. This project is set to further boost the commercial and industrial development of Manjung district. Since the establishment of the Lumut naval base some three decades ago, the development of various industries in Manjung district has experienced phenomenal growth.

Government and private sector large scale development projects and rapid rise in population has made Manjung the fastest developing district in the whole Perak. Chain restaurants, convenience stores and large shopping malls have been set up in Lumut, Seri Manjung, Sitiawan, Ayer Tawar, Pantai Remis and other major towns where business opportunities abound.

In conjunction with the future development plans of Manjung district, the government economic planning unit has already drafted the development masterplans for Pulau Pangkor, Lumut, Seri Manjung, Sitiawan and Ayer Tawar, of which the development masterplans of Pangkor South and Seri Manjung have been on public display at Manjung Municipal Council and other locations.
Comprehensive development

Lumut naval port shipyard that will build the defense ministry’s second generation patrol boats.
Lumut naval port shipyard that will build the defense ministry’s second generation patrol boats.

Located on the banks of Dinding River, the Kampung Acheh Port and Maritime Industrial Estate in Sitiawan boasts a wide range of industries related to maritime engineering, including shipyards, oil rigs and oil exploration vessels, etc. drawing tens of thousands of workers in related fields to seek a living here.

The world’s second largest iron ore producer, Vale International SA of Brazil has invested US$1.37 billion (over RM4.5 billion) to set up an iron ore distribution center in Teluk Rubaih in Lumut. The facility boasts the world’s largest deepwater container berth, storage for different types of iron ores and categorization equipment, etc., making Lumut the premier iron ore distribution hub for Asia Pacific region.

In addition to maritime engineering, Manjung also experiences rapid development in tourism, commodity, agricultural and aquacultural industries. It is widely anticipated that various industries in the district will continue to grow phenomenally as demands pick up, especially the tourism, aquacultural, biotechnological, human resources and educational sectors which have been singled out for development under the Northern Corridor Economic Region.