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Moh Kee bird’s nest has build an enterprise which provides strict and complete quality control to the whole chain of bird’s nest business, from rearing, production to branding, sales and delivery.

Moh Kee’s factories strictly adhere to the international processing standards for bird nest
Moh Kee’s factories strictly adhere to the international processing standards for bird nest

Sitiawan, Perak, is the pioneer town of the country’s bird’s nest business. Swiftlet breeders rear swiftlets in old farm houses and harvest their nests, and then sell their products through agents, a model that has persisted till this day.

In 1998, Tan Yoke Tian, originally a poultry farm operator, entered the swiftlet rearing business, and began trading unprocessed bird’s nest in 2001. In 2004, he ventrued into bird’s nest processing business, which started as a small family operation before it expanded gradually.


The 5 types of bird nest of Moh Kee.
The 5 types of bird nest of Moh Kee.

In 2001, Tan Wooi Chong, an accountancy graduate from Sunway College, returned to his hometown and founded Moh Kee Bird’s Nest Trading upon the foundation of his father’s bird nest business. Leveraging on his professional training, Tan built a successful brand that has taken his business overseas.

He expand into the market quickly, gaining footholds in Guangzhou, China and Surabaya, Indonesia in quick succession. In 2008, he built a bird’s nest processing plant in Surabaya.

Backed by ten years of experience in the bird’s nest business, the 36-year-old Tan Wooi Chong has charted a flight course for his swiftlet business in China, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and is expected to soar higher in the near future.

Moh Kee Bird’s Nest Trading, which owns over ten bird houses, is an enterprise which encompasses the whole chain of bird’s nest business, from breeding, harvesting, processing to branding, sales and delivery. The enterprise has built a complete and rigorous quality control system for its products.

Tan positions his bird’s nest business to target the mass consumer market by lowering the price of bird’s nest to more affordable level.

Moh Kee bird’s nest factories are conforming to the international standards for bird’s nest processing. This process is transparent and open to the public, which enhances the consumers’ confidence towards the product.

Tan stresses that no chemical additives or preservatives have been added during the production of bird’s nest, so that consumers may enjoy 100% natural bird’s nest products.

“We insist to apply the culture of trust throughout the whole chain of business, from production to sales and after-sale services. We build trust into every detail of the enterprise, and announce our commitment of honesty to the retailers, influencing them with our own moral conduct, so that we may build a complete eco-system of trust and honesty.

Moh Kee bird’s nest adheres to the tenets of “To build a business first build your character, to achieve great things first be a great person”, and persists in providing the most natural, healthiest and safest bird’s nest products for the consumers.

“In the future, we will continue to innovate and enhance our products to respond to market needs. We will work hard to pursue perfection and customer-centered culture. We also aim to globalize our business and build a solid corporate image and reputation.”