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Lower Perak is a land of abundance. The district capital Teluk Intan is a peaceful town, with a simple lifestyle and very low crime rate.

In recent years,many supermarkets have entered Teluk Intan.
In recent years,many supermarkets have entered Teluk Intan.

Teluk Intan, a place with a beautiful name. In mandarin, its name““安顺” means a peaceful and smooth life. In all aspects, whether political, economical or cultural, Teluk Intan is the center of attention.

Datuk Mah Siew Keong, who won the Teluk Intan by-election in May 2015, was subsequently appointed Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department. The federal government also announced four major development projects for Teluk Intan.

The first is to gazette the Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan as a National Cultural Heritage Site, while application is filed for UNESCO recognition of this 130-year old building as a World Cultural Heritage Site.

Secondly, the construction of an exit near Teluk Intan for the West Coast Expressway running from Banting, Selangor to Changkat Jering in Perak. This is a project that has already begun in Teluk Intan. Upon completion, the easy connection to WCE will help provide better connectivity to Teluk Intan, enhancing transportation and stimulating the tourism industry and overall economy.

Thirdly, Teluk Intan is surrounded by rivers on three sides, and has a low-laying terrain. This makes the town prone to floods. As such, the government will set aside RM75 million to upgrade the existing levees along the river.

Finally, the construction of an 80-acre campus for Sultan Idris Education University, which will become an education hub along with the existing Universiti Tekonologi Mara campus, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia campus and the community college.

Lower Perak is a major district for oil palm plantation in Malaysia.70% of its land is used for oil palm plantation. Langkap, which is located in the district, is mainly rice paddy fields and fruit plantations, where the nearby Chui Chok new village is the largest Chinese rice growing community in Perak, and second largest in the country, with about 800 paddy farmers and 5,070 acres under rice cultivation.

There are eight fishing villages along the sea in the district, the largest of which is Hutan Melintang. It is a major fishing port in Malaysia, and the largest on Peninsular Malaysia. About 500 fishing boats of all kinds operate out of Hutan Melintang, which is also a center for seafood processing industry, supplying about 30% of the national total. These products are also exported to countries like Singapore. Together with the other seven fishing villages, there are a total of close to 800 fishing boats in the area.

There are five listed company in the district: Caely Holdings Bhd, Central Melamineware Sdn Bhd,  QL Foods Sdn Bhd, Teluk Intan United and TSH Resources Bhd.

Cultivation and fishery are the economic lifeblood of Lower Perak. Other than that, since about 7 years ago, swallow rearing has also been developing in a fast pace, and has become the district with the second most birdhouse in the state with more than 1200 units. This has also stimulated the property price of Teluk Intan.

In terms of tourism, the 130-year old Teluk Intan leaning tower is well known throughout Malaysia, a landmark building much visited by people from all over. It is one of the “four treasures” of Telok Intan, together with local delicacies of Chee Cheong Fun, Fragrant Biscuits and River Prawn.


Preserving the essence of tradition

The new private hospital in Teluk Intan, Anson Bay.
The new private hospital in Teluk Intan, Anson Bay.

Traditional Chinese cuisine may be found at places like Queen streets, and 58 food center. The Bak Kut Teh at Teluk Intan is also one of its kind, which can be accompanied by steamed fish head and other stir fried seafood.

Other tourists attractions include the hundred-year old Fu Shun Gong, old Cantonese temple and the newly built Temple of the east ocean dragon king.

In Langkap, one may see wide paddy fields, which bikers favor. In Bagan Datoh, there are several traditional fishing villages over 100 years old. Pulau Sembilan has also recently become a new tourist hot spot.

The streets of Teluk Intan is very safe with very little crime. The town municipality has built 20 CCTV to protect residents and business operators.

In Teluk Intan, there are five Chinese primary schools, as well as a San Min Chinese independent secondary school and a San Min National Type School. The Independent school is building new campus, while the national type schools has begun offering pre-University courses, completing the Chinese education in the area.

In recent years, many supermarkets have entered the district, including TF Value Mart (building its second branch at the moment) and Giant. There are also a private hospital, several fast food restaurant and electronic appliances chains.