Perak Foundry and Engineering Industries Association Chairman Liew Chee Ming: Reformation to a new Spring

Chairman of PFEIA, Perak Branch
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In order to push the foundry industry of Perak to a new height, there is a need for more talents, to encourage digitization of factory operation and to strengthen research and development.

PFEIA Headquarters completed in October 2015.
PFEIA Headquarters completed in October 2015.

From 1940s through 1980s, the tin mining industry was the most vital industry in Perak, with its output making up as much as 60% of the national total. This stimulated related sectors, such as the development of machinery and smelting industry, and induced the emergence of foundries and machine and steel factories of all sizes.

Chairman of PFEIA Liew Chee Ming AMP said, after the tin industry in Perak went into decline following the collapse of tin prices on the global market, many steel foundries began to transform their businesses. For instance, his own MSHK Sdn Bhd switched its business focus from tin industry to palm oil processing, and began to produce molds and parts for oil presses. Some switched to manufacturing steel structure, steel processing and construction materials. At present, Perak is the state with the most steel foundries in Malaysia.

The former leader of PFEIA have achieved much, including successfully petitioned the state government in allocating 30 acres of land to build the only Machine and Steel manufacture village, so that family operators, and those who had operated on illegal land, could move there to build their business, and drove the economy of Perak by developing the steel, machinery and smelting industry in Perak together.

Liew Chee Ming felt that, despite facing challenges from China, but steel is the basic material required in many other industries, and needs to be replaced in regular period. Furthermore, there is still a huge demand for steel both domestic and international, therefore there are still room for growth for this industry.

Secretary of the association Lai Weng Keong pointed out that human resource is the most important element in this industry. The association hoped to establish a steel foundry training center, to cultivate more professionals for Perak, and encourage factories operators to improve their computer and IT knowledge, enhance research and development work, in order to push the steel industry to another new height.