FMM Perak Chairman Dato Gan Tack Kong: Driving the industrial growth

Chairman of FMM, Perak Branch
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Perak has a large number of abandoned factories and empty land. By attracting investment into these industrial areas, they can become the engine of Perak Industrial development.

Dato Gan Tack Kong: Salaries of White Collar and Blue Collar workers were relatively low
Dato Gan Tack Kong: Salaries of White Collar and Blue Collar workers were relatively low

According to the data of Department of Statistic Malaysia, the industrial sector was responsible for about one third, or 36.8%, of Malaysia’s GDP in 2014, and 36% of employment in 2012. As such, it is clearly one of the most important engine of growth for the economy of our nation.

The Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers was established with the objective to help the manufacturing sector achieve greater growth, and the Perak branch would of course focus on the Industrial growth of Perak.

The Chairman of FMM Perak, Dato Gan Tack Kong stated that at present, Taiping and Kamunting situated at the Perak northern economic corridor were becoming a new favored location for foreign and domestic investment like Toyo Tires, Eco Medi Gloves and Latex Partners due to their ease of receiving supply of natural gas.

“Natural gas is an industrial fuel, and has lower cost than other fuel. For instance, it is 3 times cheaper than Diesel. Therefore, we hope that the Perak state government can provide natural gas to other industrial area in Perak, to activate a quantum leap forward for Perak Industry.”

Dato Gan Tack Kong pointed out that, FMM Perak also worked closely with Perak State Economic Planning Unit (UNIT PERANCANG EKONOMI NEGERI, UPEN), Invest Perak, MIDA and MITI to review the recent development of the various industrial estates, restructure industrial zones that have a large number of abandoned factories, attract more investment to purchase the vacant lots in order to drive industrial growth in Perak.


Abundant Human Resources

Data from the Department of Statistic of Malaysia shows that, in 2012, the manufacturing sector was 31.5% and 48.4% of the local GDP of Selangor and Penang respectively, yet for Perak that number was only 19.3%. That shows that there are still a lot of room for growth.

Gan Tack Kong opined that, compared to Selangor and Penang, the advantage of Perak was in its low cost of living, and therefore the salaries of both white collar and blue collar workers were relatively low, which to a certain degree provided sufficient human resource to factories and industrial enterprises.

Most importantly, Perak still has a lot of land to be invested in for future development. Investors of manufacturing and service sectors can enjoy tax incentives provided by Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) in the 2015 annual budget if they choose to invest in the rural areas of Perak.

As for geographical advantage, most industrial parks in Perak are situated at areas near the North South highway. Furthermore, the West Coast Expressway which connects Selangor to Taiping and Changkat Jering in Perak is well underway. When finished, it will enhance the land transport network of Perak. The Ipoh cargo terminal which provides inland logistics also allows international access for factories and enterprises via rail connection to Port Klang of Selangor.

Besides hoping that the upgrade of Sultan Azlan Shah international airport will bring more international flights, Gan Tack Kong also hoped for more domestic flight connecting Ipoh airport to KLIA, to provide convenient access to Perak for international tourists and businessmen, or for local businessmen to go overseas.

“The present situation of Perak Taxis is not ideal either. Proper taxi service is lacking not only at the airport, but downtown Ipoh too. It is causing great inconvenience for visitors from other states or overseas, and should be improved.”


Hope to attract more investments together with PCCCI

On the topic of relationship with PCCCI, Gan Tack Kong said that the two organisations have always worked very closely, and joint hand in organising Wenzhou Trade shows, where 50 local merchants of f&b, furniture and footwear sectors participated.

“I hope that with the support of the State government, the two organisations can work together to attract more foreign investment to set up joint ventures with local businessmen, to further drive the industrial development in Perak.”

The Branch has been active in assisting members by way of representing their problems and issues to government departments and agencies, create business opportunities via business networking sessions,  providing updates on State legislations and policy matters, organise business activities and programmes, linkages and alliance with public and private agencies, HR consultancy and advisory services. It was also played a key role in collaborating  with the State Economic Planning Unit in establishing the Industrial Park Management Committees at 12 local councils in Perak.

The Branch’s FMM Institute since its inception in 1999  has  been active in the area of training by providing industry-relevant skills training for the manufacturing and services sectors for the continuing development of the human capital.  In line with its primary objective to develop the potentials and enhance the skills of personnel level of industry, FMM Institute offers a wide range of functional corporate training programmes to cater to the needs of the manufacturing and service sectors. The Institute is also approved by the SME Corporation Malaysia to conduce SMEs Skills Upgrading Programmes for SMEs so as to enjoy the 70% SMEs Skills Upgrading Grant. FMM Institute believes in lifelong learning. Hence, the range of Certificate programmes offered provides the opportunities for working personnel to gain qualifications to upgrade themselves for career developments.


Achieving Global Competitiveness

FMM Perak was formed in 1968 to provide a  wide range of services and activities to members in Perak. The Branch is FMM’s commitment as a premier trade organisation to represent the industries’ business activities in Perak. The Branch originated with a membership of 20 and since then has grown from strength to strength and currently has more than 300 members representing various industry groups such as F&B, electronics, minerals, rubber, plastics, engineering etc.

FMM Perak’s close liaison with the various State Government Departments and other trade organisations is testimony of the State Government’s recognition of FMM as one of its major partners in the Malaysian Incorporated consultative process. It also serves as an important focal point for those seeking links with Malaysian manufacturers for investment, trade and services. FMM is ISO9001:2008 certified , committed to quality and service excellence.

FMM’s Vision is “Making Malaysian Industries Globally Competitive”.

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