Tze Guan Industries & Tze Guan Veneer Technic S.B. The ‘Heart’ of Perak’s shoe industry

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A pair of shoes is composed of many different components and parts, just like an orchestra that is made up of many different musical instruments. Tze Guan Industries Sdn Bhd is a pivotal member of Perak’s shoe-making industry, playing the role as one of the parts suppliers in the state’s shoe-making orchestra ensemble.

Tze Guan Veneer Technic Sdn Bhd and Tze Guan Industries Sdn Bhd were founded respectively in 1996 and 1999. These two sister companies produce different classes of shoe parts utilizing different production techniques, mainly rubber heels and shoe soles, for supply to the local shoe manufacturing industry. It is considered the upstream industry in the entire production chain, what the industry players call the “heart” of the shoe-making industry.

Tze Guan produces a very comprehensive range of shoe parts which are supplied to distinguished footwear brands such as Bonia, Bata and Vincci.

The core business of Tze Guan is the manufacture of the shoes heart, and is among the more established shoe parts suppliers in Perak state. The production scale and high output is said to be the biggest in Malaysia.
The manager of Tze Guan is Lau Soon Ek and Lee Kee Leong.


Tze Guan Industries Sdn. Bhd.(479664-P)
Tze Guan Veneer Technic S.B.
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Kawasan Perindustrian Pengkalan Maju,
31500 Lahat, Perak, Malaysia.
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