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Perak has one of the most thriving quarrying industries in the whole of Malaysia with well over 30 quarries in operation. Established in 2007, Pulai Rock holds the quarrying concessions for several quarries in the state. Our helmsman Dato Goh Ri Fatt was himself a mechanical engineer by training, and has since been in the quarrying business for well over two decades. He started in this line by following his father-in-law’s footsteps, starting from the entry-level tasks to every other operation in this business, culminating in his established reputation in the industry today. Meanwhile, the company has also grown in size and business scale and has met the requirements for public listing.

The quarry products of Pulai Rock include some of the best quality of white limestone with very high market value due to its rich calcium carbonate content suitable for a wide range of industrial uses or manufactured into calcium-replenishing supplements. The industrial uses of calcium carbonate include manufacture of paper, glass, building materials, paint fillers, medicine, cosmetics, animal feed, high-end sanitary napkins, paper napkins, plastic steel windows and doors, electrical cables, cable jackets, car bumpers and indoor accessories as well as the plastic coverings for air-conditioners, refrigerators, television sets, computers, washing machines and other electrical appliances. Other uses include additives in food industry and more applications will be further explored following the continuous advancement in scientific and nanotechnology development. From here we can see that the global demand for calcium carbonate is simply enormous.

Goh says the quarrying industry has been in existence in the state of Perak for more than 40 years now, producing 1,800,000 tons a year compared to only 100,000 tons a year ago. Pulai Rock quarries, processes and mechanically cuts the quarried rock into different sizes of lumps and gravels or even ground into powder form for industrial operators of different natures. The finely ground white limestone powder is widely used in industry for the manufacture of paper, rubber, paint, coating materials, medicine, cosmetics, animal feed, sealers, bonding agents, polishing, etc.

He says Pulai Rock specializes in the production of calcium carbonate lumps, chips and powder from six to nine inches or from 10mm to 100mm. Other than supplying to the domestic market, the products are also marketed overseas to Australia, Taiwan, India, Indonesia and Bangladesh, among others.

Pulai Rock is located in Simpang Pulai outside Ipoh. As a responsible corporate citizen, the company also actively involves itself in a variety of community welfare programs such as environmental initiatives, cleaning of lakes and rivers, donations for schools, blood donation campaign, etc.

Pulai Rock supplies professionally produced limestone lumps, chips and powder for industrial use.
Pulai Rock supplies professionally produced limestone lumps, chips and powder for industrial use.