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Olijasca Nourishment is an established retailer of health products as well as cafes and wellness center operator.
Olijasca Nourishment is an established retailer of health products as well as cafes and wellness center operator.

Health and wellnes is an emerging industry. As our economy becomes more and more developed, our living standards significantly enhanced by advances in science and technology, Malaysians are becoming more conscious of the importance of health and have been continuously pursing better solutions to attain more balanced health.

Health has always been a very important asset not only for individuals and families, but also the entire nation. It is this particular attribute that will determine the well-being of an individual or family as well as the prosperity of a company, even the sustained development and competitiveness of a nation.

Olijasca Nourishment, a home-grown company in Perak, is known for its natural organic foods, nutritious drinks and health supplements, offering consumers a wide range of natural, premium quality and environment-friendly health foods.

Thanks to such insistence, Olijasca Nourishment has been uncompromising when it comes to the selection of pure and natural ingredients for utmost nourishing effects. The company uses only the best quality of organic ingredients without any additives, artificial colorings or flavorings.

Other than obtaining optimal health through proper diet control and balanced dietary intake, sufficient rest and regular physical exercises have also been key factors for a robust and healthy body. It is anticipated that the wellness industry will become the core industry of the health sector.

Well aware of the great potentials of this sector of the economy, Olijasca Nourishment is also embarking on the construction of cafes and wellness centers in addition to its diverse line of health foods.

The company plans to set up cafes and wellness centers in major towns across the country in the future while expanding its health food market to the whole Asia so that more people will be able to enjoy this precious gift of health.

Olijasca Nourishment is a new healthcare business under Perak Motor, which was established in 1938 by late Dato’ Yow Bong Koi as a supplier of automobile and engine parts. 1979, the parent company ventured into oil palm plantation and oil mill. In mid-1990s, it diversified into bus services, distribution of health products, household accessories and housing development.

The Group is currently helmed by Steven Yow Thin Chin, who with his highly versatile approach and adaptability, has been constantly seeking new investment items and diversifying the company’s portfolio in minimizing risk exposure while maximizing profitability.

Olijasca Nourishment Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.
17, Jalan Gopeng, 30250 Ipoh, Perak.

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