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Gaharu Tea Valley has helped boost the local economy as well as promoting the tourism industry. Visitors arrive in droves to immerse themselves in eco-agricultural education and the generous gift of Mother Nature.

Gaharu tea and Bao Ren Powder brings tremendous health benefits.
Gaharu tea and Bao Ren Powder brings tremendous health benefits.


Gaharu has over the centuries been honored as the most precious among the incenses for its rare and elegant aroma. In ancient China, it was said that a tael of gaharu was worth the same weight of gold, attesting to its preciousness.

Gaharu planting on an investment scale is considered a rather risky business, but “Gaharu King” David Ho begs to differ. His 300-acre farm in Gopeng is planted with more than 200,000 gaharu trees, and has been developed into the one-of-its-kind agricultural attraction in Southeast Asia, Gaharu Tea Valley Gopeng that has helped promote the state economic development as well as recreational farming development in the state of Perak.

The farm’s founder, David Ho, a successful excavator businessman, first spotted the immense business value of gaharu wood some 23 years ago. He subsequently decided to mow down his oil palm plantation in favor of gaharu wood species developed with the latest Japanese technology.

Gaharu Tea Valley utilizes 10% organic cyclical growing method and has been certified the country’s first organic gaharu farm by the Malaysian Book of Records.

Through years of unrelenting effort, Gaharu Tea Valley has progressively moved into the right track of steady growth. Gaharu Technologies Sdn Bhd with set up in 2008, along with the related processing plant to research new product technologies in a bid to enhance the quality of its gaharu products.

The company employs sophisticated technology alongside ancient formulation and techniques to come up with HOGA (Holistic Gaharu) line of products, including gaharu tea, gaharu stewed soup formulations, gaharu essence, gaharu instant noodle, gaharu ointment, Bao Ren Powder etc. Gaharu Technologies’ patented techniques have vital commercial value.

Under the leadership of  Ho, Gaharu Tea Valley has helped elevate the status of the local economy while promoting eco-agricultural education. Visitors have arrived in droves to have a peep into this precious commodity and a wide range of products made from it while gaining a deeper insight into the harvesting and processing of gaharu.

Gaharu Tea Valley Gopeng
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31600 Gopeng, Perak, MALAYSIA.
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